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Samples, loops, guides and video gameing.

Welcome to LS16Geek

This is my little site and it covers some of my own projects that I have worked on including an open source inventory system, Samples/Loops Repository and my latest project which is my youtube channel, LS16Geek.
I do still have a lot of work to do and over the next 3 days I will concentrate on getting the member portal working as well as the mail server.

I do have a second channel now on it's way but more on that soon.
I love play games and so do my family and we are not glued to the screens. We have great fun and really do enjoy what we do so, why not make a video and upload which we do regularly.

Random News

My YouTube Walkthroughs

I love gaming and have gamed since the ripe old age of 13, yes computers were fairly new then but I played on a custom built machine running a racing game. The graphics consists of *'s for the left and right barriers and some ascii characters for the car and road signs and I remember it fondley. In fact, I walk past the flat where I had this experieience everyday so it's hard to forget.

Since then, I have played and loved many games including Manic Miner, Sabre Wulf, Attic Attack, Fire and Ice, Buggaboo..... in fact, way too many to mention. So I decided to start a youtube channel and create walkthrough videos.

Why I didn't think of doing this before is way beyond me but Visit My Channel., subscribe and like and if you want to me do a walkthroug for a game then just let me know. Continue Reading →

The Media Library

The Media Library has ran for years under the name and I did it just for something to do in my spare time up until about 2 years when I closed it down.

Now, with doing the walkthroughs and bringing all my little projects togther, I've re-awakend the beast. It is a place for all things audio and visual. If you are a music artist then you can register, get your own URL and upload everything related to you, as a performer to your portal. You can submit Tour Dates, Flyers, Stream your videos and music files, Have your own feeds and much more. All linked to your own email address.


As the title says, It's an inventory, it's web based and its free for use. If you fancy having a go then try it out. You can log all your kit, invoices, warranties and even take pictures and upload them for future reference.


I've finally got round to starting the website maintenance. The site is in really bad shape so I need to pick up the pace and fix a lot of erros in the code make the site fully HTML5 compliant.

Recent Fixes Include

Work upto 24th December.
. Added a new section for advertsers. It's free (still in testing).
. Modified the samples search section so the links in "Quicklink" now play.
. Streamlined lots of code.
. Moved the headers around so the logo is at the top of the page.
. Backups.
. Mail Server up and running.
. Backups.

. Mass tidy up.
. Mass code trim.
. Lots of error fixing.
. Backups in place.

. Just got the cookies working so you can log in.
. Changed all the pages from the CPANEL so they kinda look ok.
. Added titlebar to the pages to help split up the section.
. Started migrating legacy html code to html 5. Thanks to PowerMapper

. Adding a random background image.
. Changed tables slightly.
. Fixed the session variables sp they work.
. Members area is up and running but the registration section isn't working.
. Mail server will be configured very shortly.
. I tested the members area and most of the utilities still work but they need thorough testing.
. Went through a lot of the back end code and removed all the dead code from the last few years and commented it up.
. Managed to reduce the page footprint which has increased the load time.
. Regular backups configure.
.Loads still to do.

Just For You

Here's 6 random videos for you to watch.
LS16Geek PC Call of Duty Black Ops Part 25
LS16Geek PC Layers of Fear Part3 walkthrough Final Part
Ls16geek Pc Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Full Movie Walkthrough Gameplay
Ls16geek PC Erin Plays Roblox Part 9
Ls16Geek PC Valley First Hour and 15 minutes of play Gameplay Walkthrough
LS16Geek PC No Mans Sky Part 10
LS16Geek PC Rappelz Getting Mugged then a couple of quests
LS16Geek PC Aleite Dangerous Basic Combat Wolfpack Gameplay Walkthrough
Callum Plays Arena Brawl With ls16geek ANOTHER HACKER! Episode 2
LS16Geek PC Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Traffic Walkthrough Gameplay

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