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Well, Leeds Food Festival was a roaring success. Hundreds turned up to enjoy the culinary delights, and now the city is returning to normal. So we’ve turned our attention to the future, and the city Leeds is set to become. Plus, bridge the gap between lunch and dinner with a spot of afternoon tea, join the fight to save Bradford's National Media Museum, celebrate the opening of the Handpicked Hall in the Grand Arcade and set the sat nav to Grassington for their two-week festival.

Tomorrow’s LeedsOUT & ABOUT
Tomorrow’s Leeds  

In January, we told you about 5 Things Happening in Leeds in 2013. But a lot has changed since then, new projects have been announced, big events have been planned and travel to the city is set to get a whole lot easier. So join us, as we take a look at tomorrow’s Leeds – and meet the city it’s set to become in the years ahead.

The Rise of Afternoon TeaFOOD & DRINK
The Rise of Afternoon Tea  

Created in the early 1800s to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, afternoon tea is now one of the most popular, and decadent, ways to enjoy a good old Yorkshire brew. Find out how the tradition started, why it’s so popular and where you can give it a go, as Amy Trickey explores the high tea scene in Leeds and Yorkshire.

Cutting Culture: National Media Museum Under Threat?OPINION
Cutting Culture: National Media Museum Under Threat?  

We’re holding our breath, waiting to find out if Bradford’s National Media Museum will be made to close its doors in light of government funding cuts. It’s one of three museums up for the chop as the Science Museum Group is forced to reassess its finances, and could see the final curtain for one of Yorkshire’s most popular museums.

Finding Your T-Shirt in LeedsSTYLE
Finding Your T-Shirt in Leeds  

The t-shirt, it’s one of the most under-appreciated pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, but chances are – it’s probably one of the most worn too. So this week, we’re looking at where you can find the best t-shirts in Leeds. From designer brands to screen-printed gems, we’ve hunted down the city’s must-visit and sometimes unnoticed, t-shirt retailers.

Why is Theatre So Middle Class?OPINION
Why is Theatre So Middle Class?  

This week, Paul Clarke ponders why theatre is such a middle class affair – is it the cost or is theatre an intimidating experience for the working class? Either way, he’s got a thing or two to say about it, and you can have your say too. Do you think theatre audiences are truly representative of modern Britain, or should more be done to attract the working classes?

New to Leeds: Handpicked HallSTYLE
New to Leeds: Handpicked Hall  

Today sees the opening of the Handpicked Hall in Leeds’ Grand Arcade. The new concept store brings together stalls from local retailers, with everything from handmade and vintage fashion to tasty treats and curious crafts. It’s an exciting development for the Grand Arcade, which has perhaps, been overshadowed by its fellow shopping arcades.

Jet-setting from Leeds Bradford AirportOUT & ABOUT
Jet-setting from Leeds Bradford Airport  

It’s England’s highest airport and boy does it suffer on a windy day, but we’re really rather proud of Leeds Bradford. With a growing number of destinations, it literally puts the world within our grasps, and saves us the trip to Manchester. So this week, we’re looking at the flights leaving from our favourite airport, and the cultural experiences that lie within your reach...

‘Northern Sole’
‘Northern Sole’   at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery
26th October 2013


Take a break from your shopping to visit Hilary Simms’ first ceramic exhibition. Inspired by shells found on far flung beaches, the beautifully exotic collection will have you wondering just how she did it.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Priscilla Queen of the Desert   at Leeds Grand Theatre
1st-13th July 2013


When the weather switches back to the usual rain, retreat indoors for a night of fun as Priscilla Queen of the Desert comes to Leeds. The night of ‘clichéd feel-good, glamorous comedy’ will be one to remember.

The Grassington Festival
The Grassington Festival   at Yorkshire Dales
14th - 29th June 2013


The Yorkshire Dales are just a short car ride away, and for the next two weeks, that ride will bring you to a wealth of musical and artistic delights at the The Grassington Festival. Find out what they’ve got lined up...

Artsmix Market
Artsmix Market   at Albion Place
11-5pm on 22nd June 2013


On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, Albion Place plays host to a market with a difference, offering a plethora of handmade goodies from local vendors. Pop by, explore and don’t miss the hedgehog.


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