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Welcome to Samples, Loops, Bands etc

Hi Everybody,

I hope you're all doing well? Just a couple of reminders about the site

1. This part of the website lets you register and share anything, as long as there are no copyright infringments. You can create unlimited photo albums and upload an unlimited number of photos, You can upload unlimited media files into unlimited albums and you can stream them from anywhere by downloading the relevant media playlist. You can also view these as RSS Feeds.

2. Please don't upload any files that may offend other people such as adult related or rascist material. We will take this down and give you a warning. 3 warnings and we will take further action.

3. The site is up 24/7 and is currently under development in a big way as well as some areas being enhanced. So please be patient.

4. If you do find any offending material then please let us know at or (if it works), use the relevant buttons to report an illegal file.

5. Most of all make, please don't abuse the site. The site including it's data is backed up everyday and stored off-site so if there is an issue then we can go back a step or two with minimal data loss.

6. There is now a generic login account that you can use to have a play. Username is demo, password is demo and email is Give it a go.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that during the development of this site I have used other peoples work (menu, backgrounds etc) and have not said thanks to them, however, I am going to make a page thanking everyone and they will get free advertisement slots on the right, with permanent links or if you have spotted your work and would like a thanks and link putting then please feel free to email me at